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Linux Installing software on Linux has gotten progressively easier over the years, down to being downright foolproof in Ubuntu's Application Center. However, there is still the problem of each distribution relying on its own frontends and backends, and this needs to be addressed. Members from all the major Linux distributions have held several talks, and have come up with a solution which is already being implemented.
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by OSbunny on Thu 27th Jan 2011 06:41 UTC in reply to "attendees"
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Exactly! This is very good to see. I want to see more such collaboration between the major vendors. We already have them sharing technologies like RPM and apt-get. So why not develop applications that are common to all distributions?

A unified app store might even mean a unified app repository. Imagine that! These are huge distros we are talking about. You'd never have to compile anything from source. And there would always be latest version of your favourite app available for your distro.

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