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KDE Before we get underway: I'm sorry, we don't have enough headline space to write 'KDE Releases Development Platform, Applications and Plasma Workspaces 4.6.0'. Then again, do any non-anal people every refer to it that way? No? I thought so. In any case, there's a new KDE version out with lots of new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.
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RE[2]: Other notable improvements
by lemur2 on Thu 27th Jan 2011 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Other notable improvements"
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was something wrong with xine?

I believe that it now has a similar problem as the KDE 3.x.x audio backend aRts had ... it is no longer actively developed.
As main author of aRts, having after some time finally come to the conclusion that I won't continue to work on the project, I think its better to announce this publically than to walk away silently.

Fortunately, this is the exact problem that Phonon was meant to overcome. Whereas the defunct state of aRts is an ongoing problem for KDE 3.x.x, the development state of Xine is not a problem at all for KDE 4.x.x.

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