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Legal "President Barack Obama on Monday nominated former Recording Industry Association of America lawyer Donald Verrilli Jr. to serve as the nation's solicitor general. The solicitor general is charged with defending the government before the Supreme Court, and files friend-of-the court briefs in cases in which the government believes there is a significant legal issue. The office also determines which cases it would bring to the Supreme Court for review. Verrilli is best known for leading the recording industry's legal charge against music- and movie-sharing site Grokster. That 2003 case ultimately led to Grokster's demise when the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the RIAA's verdict." Cough.
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What you people are overlooking...
by El_Exigente on Thu 27th Jan 2011 08:43 UTC
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You people seem to think that the idea that copyright should be abolished and that people should be allowed to infringe copyrights on a massive scale, is something like a mainstream opinion.
It isn't.
You people get on sites like that and basically all tell each other how insightful the opinions you share are, and you think that reflects the opinions of most real people in real life.
You are very wrong.
There is a reason why no politicians support copyright abolition: most people don't like it. If you look at the huge jury awards against file-sharers, you will get a better idea of what real people think, then you currently are getting in echo chambers like these.

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