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Linux Installing software on Linux has gotten progressively easier over the years, down to being downright foolproof in Ubuntu's Application Center. However, there is still the problem of each distribution relying on its own frontends and backends, and this needs to be addressed. Members from all the major Linux distributions have held several talks, and have come up with a solution which is already being implemented.
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The last thing I want is to install an app that brings down with it versions of OS libs that don't play with the stuff I already have installed.

For userland, desktop-oriented apps, statically compiled binaries or "app bundles" work work so much nicer.

For server-oriented apps, dynamic linking is better and "more secure".

But for an "app store", bundles and/or static linking would be so much simpler, easier, nicer.

If however the apps were setup to be installed in a way similar to those on OSX where the app deps are kept well away from the system libs then I'd go for it.
There is a lot to sort out here...

Ah, see, we're all thinking along the same lines. ;)

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