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Linux Installing software on Linux has gotten progressively easier over the years, down to being downright foolproof in Ubuntu's Application Center. However, there is still the problem of each distribution relying on its own frontends and backends, and this needs to be addressed. Members from all the major Linux distributions have held several talks, and have come up with a solution which is already being implemented.
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RE: Will never happen
by mgl.branco on Thu 27th Jan 2011 18:14 UTC in reply to "Will never happen"
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This will never happen. The VLC people, the GPL people, the Open Source purists, etc etc will all get their panties in a wad over all sorts of issues of how pure and "open source" all the apps are, causing some very popular applications to never appear in the application store, and it will be rendered useless as a result. Mark my words!

Sorry, but this is nonsense. VLC could not be included in Apple app store because Apple's EULA effectively bans GPL'ed software form it. Regarding this app store your ranting about, I don't think they'll be any changes on distro's current software policies. And this is, for example, I expect Ubuntu and openSUSE to serve closed sourced software on their service but labelling it as "non free" or something alike. Just like now that they keep closed source repos. Even more, I expect Canonical to introduce software on their store you'll have to pay for.

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