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Legal "Sony has won its request for a temporary restraining order in its PS3 jailbreak case against Geohot and fail0verflow, despite a jurisdictional technicality. At the same time, the judge at the US District Court for the Northern District of California has allowed Sony to keep the lawsuit in San Francisco. The restraining order forbids the jailbreak team from distributing or linking the jailbreak procedure, or encouraging others to jailbreak or hack their PS3 or PSN. They've also been ordered to turn over any computers or storage media used to create the jailbreak to Sony's lawyers." Land of the free fail.
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RE[3]: Wiat, what?!
by brewmastre on Fri 28th Jan 2011 01:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wiat, what?!"
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Two problems ... DVDs are meant to be played, and when you purchase a DVD, you purchase a license to play it. How does using Linux to play the DVD (which you are licensed to do after all, since you bought the DVD) violate DMCA?

Actually, I think you're just buying the content. In order to "purchase" the license to play it, you must buy a DVD player (which already has the license fee built-in).

Finally, getting back to the actual topic, AFAIK what GeoHot did does not allow anyone to pirate PS3 games. All it does is re-allow the "Other OS" option that Sony had originally provided anyway. If that is the case, how is there any breach of "circumvention"?

What he did is find the private key that allows code to appear trusted to the device.

Again, I agree that this may be against the accepted use policy, but seriously, should it be considered illegal? I don't think more than my bitchin' V8 powered, DVD playin' washing machine ;)

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