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Google It seems like the content industry has managed to score another hit in its 'fight' against piracy, and this time, it's a big fish. Announced a few weeks ago already, Google has started censoring its auto-complete and instant features for an arbitrary set of search terms - such as 'bittorrent', 'torrent', 'rapidshare', and any terms derived from those (e.g. 'ubuntu torrent' is censored as well).
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RE: First thing I did...
by Kalessin on Fri 28th Jan 2011 22:26 UTC in reply to "First thing I did..."
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Indeed. I hate autocomplete. And it's not like they're censoring the search results. So, it really doesn't affect me. And for that matter, if I'm looking for torrents, I'm not usually using google anyway. There are torrent sites for that.

The fact that the censorship is happening is somewhat worrisome, but all it really does is stop people from stumbling on bittorrent stuff. And it's not like people were going to stumble on it anyway, since it does take a bit of research to even know what a torrent is. so, the censorship is stupid, but it really doesn't do anything.

It's like setting up a one foot wall and refusing to tell people what's on the other side. You can clearly see over it, and you can walk over it just fine. It stops nothing. But they can say that they built a wall...

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