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Intel "The Intel Atom processor line is associated with low power usage in devices such as a netbook or nettop computer. The emphasis is definitely not on performance, it's on pushing up battery life on a device with a small display and mid-range graphics requirements while still managing a decent desktop experience. Microsoft thinks Atom can do more, though, and wants to use it in servers. With that in mind it is calling on Intel to up the cores in an Atom chip to 16, and deploying it as a low power server chip solution."
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RE[2]: New OS?
by kaiwai on Sat 29th Jan 2011 04:36 UTC in reply to "RE: New OS?"
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Where did you see anything about a "New OS"? Nothing in the summary or the linked article suggested that, though the article mentioned Microsoft's interest in porting to ARM in the future.

Just curious, not trying to flame.

As for many-core Atoms, I say bring it on, if it's possible for Intel to do so in the same size package anyway. The Atom is already quite small for its relative power and features.

Maybe he is concluding that based on the R&D work done on those three operating systems and the request for a stripped down simplified CPU made up of many cores is an indication of the need to have an OS built from the ground up to address such a system rather than strapping on and bandaging up an existing one.

I'd love to see a new operating system to gradually replace what exists today but as Microsoft management have noted many times - legacy code is an asset for Microsoft; they aren't going to throw away an asset even if it means that things aren't as highly optimised as they would be if they started with a clean slate.

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