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BSD and Darwin derivatives "The drought of those who speak without depending on slides has ended at the 12th Australian national Linux conference. Last evening, Marshall Kirk McKusick, a well-known BSD hacker, took those assembled down a slightly different track - after all, this is a Linux conference - with his narrative history of BSD. And what a rollicking ride it was! [...] And the venue for his talk could hold only 100 people. He based his talk on notes he had made while travelling through Australia on a train in 1986 - he was a keynote speaker at the now-defunct Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group conference in 1986."
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RE: Is a video available
by fasteez on Sat 29th Jan 2011 09:59 UTC in reply to "Is a video available"
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here are some videos hosted by McKusick, one of them titled 'history of unix' of 54min long

probably not the same exact content but close enough i guess

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