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Intel "The Intel Atom processor line is associated with low power usage in devices such as a netbook or nettop computer. The emphasis is definitely not on performance, it's on pushing up battery life on a device with a small display and mid-range graphics requirements while still managing a decent desktop experience. Microsoft thinks Atom can do more, though, and wants to use it in servers. With that in mind it is calling on Intel to up the cores in an Atom chip to 16, and deploying it as a low power server chip solution."
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atom is pitiful...
by bnolsen on Sat 29th Jan 2011 13:49 UTC
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Its very pitiful performance wise. I strongly suspect its that way precisely because intel wants to sell their higher end processors and are afraid of making atom too good which would eat into their more lucrative sales. Frankly a down clocked core i3 vastly outperforms an atom with not much more power use. Neither of these parts are in the same league power wise as ARM though. I wish there were some benchmarks run comapring cortex a9 to atom. I suspect we'll need full linux running on one of these to get those numbers.

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