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OSNews, Generic OSes It's recently been a year since I started working on my pet OS project, and I often end up looking backwards at what I have done, wondering what made things difficult in the beginning. One of my conclusions is that while there's a lot of documentation on OS development from a technical point of view, more should be written about the project management aspect of it. Namely, how to go from a blurry "I want to code an OS" vision to either a precise vision of what you want to achieve, or the decision to stop following this path before you hit a wall. This article series aims at putting those interested in hobby OS development on the right track, while keeping this aspect of things in mind.
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I remember...
by cefarix on Sat 29th Jan 2011 21:07 UTC
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I started OS deving when I was 12, back in 2000. It started as a DOS .com file, written in assembly, and much of the necessary code based off of SHAWN OS (like the GDT, IDT, etc). It turned eventually into a monster 4000 line single file. Then I reformatted my HD and lost it ;) So I started over, this time with more experience under my belt, in C. After about 2 or 3 years of work it had a GUI with a mouse and was reading the HD and CD serials using the ATA/ATAPI identify command (anyone remember that?). Then I started from scratch again, because I realized it would take too much time to rework the monster source code tree to make it load drivers as modules and not link in at compile time. Worked on that for another 3 years. That was a more solid base, could read/write HD properly, had a filesystem (though it was somewhat buggy), and a bootloader with multiboot options, loadable drivers, and a command line interface (I decided to focus on the internals rather than going for the fancy GUI right away this time). Then I stopped working on it because I grew up.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. I spent all my teenage years working on my OS or other programming things, and thanks to that, I'm a pretty good programmer now if I may say so and started my own company doing iPhone dev'ing for now.

If anyone wants to check out its source code, its still on sourceforge...

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