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OSNews, Generic OSes It's recently been a year since I started working on my pet OS project, and I often end up looking backwards at what I have done, wondering what made things difficult in the beginning. One of my conclusions is that while there's a lot of documentation on OS development from a technical point of view, more should be written about the project management aspect of it. Namely, how to go from a blurry "I want to code an OS" vision to either a precise vision of what you want to achieve, or the decision to stop following this path before you hit a wall. This article series aims at putting those interested in hobby OS development on the right track, while keeping this aspect of things in mind.
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RE[11]: Machine language or C
by Alfman on Sun 30th Jan 2011 10:00 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Machine language or C"
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I'll concede the industry consensus is on your side.
Professors preach how premature optimization is bad.
Client contracts generally don't spec out terms for efficiency up front.
Employers never ask about my ability to generate efficient code.
With mores law, who cares if code is less efficient? Ram is cheap, so are more cores.

This collective mindset has lead to code bloat of unimaginable proportions. A desktop with productivity apps require insane amount of ram and cpu for no good reason.

I guess I'm just one of the few dinosaurs left who appreciates the elegance of tight code and I just lash out in vein at what I view to be the cause of it's downfall: the trivialization of optimal code and efficiency.

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