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KDE Before we get underway: I'm sorry, we don't have enough headline space to write 'KDE Releases Development Platform, Applications and Plasma Workspaces 4.6.0'. Then again, do any non-anal people every refer to it that way? No? I thought so. In any case, there's a new KDE version out with lots of new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.
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RE[2]: Oxygen style
by tuma324 on Sun 30th Jan 2011 18:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Oxygen style"
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Thanks, yeah I agree with some of the points you make low contrast coherency, unfortunately due to the way Qt or Gtk btw paints widgets we can't do it as we would like to, times are changing dough so we will be able to do new stuff in the future we haven't been able to so far.
About the grand idea being Oxygen... OK so I hope I did not copied anything, the basic design concept in oxygen is slabs of ceramic material, all of the elements try to live in a world were everything loves in one coherent slab with layers and holes to represent each different UI element... The propose of the theme was never to be a "WOW"theme but rather something that could last years, at least the 4.x cycle, so a bit on the boring side of things not to much on your face and discrete.
Like all things in the world it not perfect, will never be but we keep on working on it. NOW.....

IT IS NOT A COPY OF ANYTHING, I did have a look like I alleyways do to what solutions other themes propose to similar problems an is some cases we used similar solutions and in others no.... and we created completely new ideas. Example we use glow as a way to show active or preselected state in a consistent way across all elements including windows no one else does that AFIK.

How about if you fix your grammar too?

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