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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Each time a new version of Windows is released, many computer users find that their hardware is suddenly outdated. For cash-strapped schools, upgrading to the latest hardware with each major software release is simply impossible. A New York startup called NeverWare is offering a possible solution - a server that lets even decade-old PCs upgrade to the latest Windows 7 operating system."
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LTSP project offers this for free
by benali72 on Mon 31st Jan 2011 19:15 UTC
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The Linux Terminal Server Project has offered this sort of technology for free for years.

LTSP allows you to use any old computer -- back to a P-I -- as a graphical front-end for software running on a central server.

This article tells exactly how LTSP works and includes exact numbers on dollar savings and system requirements -- //

(Contrast this to the lack of any details whatsoever at the Neverware website.)

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