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General Development The BSD licensed Portable C Compiler (PCC) is steadily on the road for a 1.0 release and is now able to compile a FreeBSD/amd64 CURRENT system with almost no changes. The current version of PCC has evolved from the original PCC developed at Bell Labs during the 1970s and has been maintained by Anders Magnusson and a small team of developers during the last decade. It has received more attention during the last few years, especially by OpenBSD and NetBSD people seeing it at as a viable option as a GCC replacement.
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RE[5]: Comment by bogomipz
by jwwf on Mon 31st Jan 2011 19:17 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by bogomipz"
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Most developers in this world honestly don't give a shit whether the code is free ... they have houses, cars, children etc.

I am fed up of this social movement bollox when it comes to computing ... it is a tool for getting things done ... nothing more ... nothing else.

Well, yeah, but most people in this world honestly don't give a shit whether their society is free once they have houses, cars, children etc. So it doesn't prove much ;)

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