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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, most of us knew this moment would come, with the only debate left being when this moment would come. Market analyst firm Canalys keeps track of worldwide smartphone shipments, and has concluded that in the fourth quarter of 2010, more Android smartphones were sold than Symbian phones. After a decade of supremacy, the Symbian dominance has been toppled (according to these figures, of course).
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RE: more platforms
by Nycran on Tue 1st Feb 2011 02:48 UTC in reply to "more platforms"
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I think Nokia becoming another Android phone maker would be disastrous as that makes them a direct competitor of Samsung & HTC - good luck with that. Palm tried the same approach when Palm OS was fledging by selling Windows Mobile phones, and whilst it may have kept them alive a little longer, as as strategy it didn't work and we all know what happened after that.

Nokia and RIM are likely to be the next Palm - companies once known for innovation and strong USP that suddenly found themselves out classed in a rapidly changing world.

Nokia however has a history of survival, with the rather unique ability to *completely* change their business model when the times require it. They started business in 1865 as pulp mill and have since been involved with electricity generation, rubber, cables and others before becoming a phone company. Perhaps it's time for Nokia to find a new, less contentious place in the world once again.

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