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Internet & Networking "Chrome's usage share for January has made it into double digits: the browser was used by 10.7 percent of Web users last month, up from 9.98 percent in December. It was a good month too for Safari, up to 6.30 percent from 5.89 percent the month before. The WebKit-powered browsers were the big winners: Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the big loser. Internet Explorer reached a new all-time low of 56 percent, down 1.08 percentage points from last month. Though Internet Explorer 8 continues to perform well - up 1.15 points from December - defections from Internet Explorer 6 and 7 to other browsers continue to dominate, with those versions losing 1.63 and 0.47 points respectively. The beta of Internet Explorer 9 made minor gains, rising to 0.50 percent share. Firefox continues to hover between 22 and 23 points; its January share was 22.75 percent, erasing the small gains it made in December. Opera made small gains, up to 2.28 from 2.20 percent a month ago."
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It is interesting...
by imaginant on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 00:12 UTC
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how these facts are playing out on the web. Microsoft was quick to put it's slant on it (We're actually winning when we are losing). But, as usual, facts here are presented as... well, actual facts. How cheeky of you OSNews. Sorry you seem to always miss the fun in turning everything inside out, upside down, and slightly backwards. Oh, the joy of Spin.

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