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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, most of us knew this moment would come, with the only debate left being when this moment would come. Market analyst firm Canalys keeps track of worldwide smartphone shipments, and has concluded that in the fourth quarter of 2010, more Android smartphones were sold than Symbian phones. After a decade of supremacy, the Symbian dominance has been toppled (according to these figures, of course).
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by moondevil on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 09:30 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: ..."
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Sure things are improving with QT, but there is a limited set of devices that can take QT into use

"From a pure technical perspective the solution is designed to work with all Symbian/S60 3.1 and later devices."

That's pretty much every phone out there right now.

Except where it does not work. I had quite a few models where the installation always failed right in the middle, leaving a few pieces of PIPS and QT scattered around the phone.

", and lets not forget that you are still forced to use Symbian APIs for certain tasks.

Forcing to make a rare API call through legacy Symbian C++ layer is not a showstopper, you do all the application UI, networking and logic in Qt anyway.

It is, when I am forced to use Symbian C++. Oh, what happened to that blog entry from a Nokia college saying that no one on his perfect mind would develop for Symbian?

Yes that is right I do know a bit of Symbian/Qt, being on Nokia's pay-check for some years. Not any longer though.

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