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Internet & Networking There is a falling out between governments & ISPs on the one hand and consumer groups and companies like YouTube and Netflix on the other. Lately more punitive measures affecting these companies and consumers have emerged that include increased throttling, greater per-usage billing and lower internet caps. The internet as whole is struggling to find a self-sustaining business model that supports the rising speed and bandwidth requirements of consumers and online media purveyors. The conflict boils down to who should pay and to what degree they should pay.
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RE[4]: Fix the current model
by bugjacobs on Thu 3rd Feb 2011 04:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Fix the current model"
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I guess Telenor in Norway, basically was the same way as France Telecom ..

And they still own the copper :-(

Their shareholders were lucky there when it was "privatized".. Stolen from the people of Norway Id rather say. Atleast the copper that we had paid for all those years was snatched, the "lastmile" ..

It should have been independently managed. In Norway all phone centrals are owned by Telenor still, but other ISPs can rent fibre capacity into them and put their own DSLAM in to provide their own services. Or buy a bulk wholesale product from Telenor and use Telenor systems.

Cable is only available via whatever provider that is at hand in the area .. Canal Digital(Telenor) has most of the market. "Get" is another.

Fibre is being rolled out in many areas now as well.

Will be interesting if people start to saturate those lines ..

And of course there is the Mobile Broadband (Mobile Snailband .. ) That is metered by the Megabyte !!! With heavy caps, like 500 MB a month or 1 GByte a month , the biggest Ive seen is 10 GB ... Ridiculous ..
3,5G at 1,5 mbit downspeed max, really.. LTE "4G" being rolled out in Oslo. And there is ICE, using the old NMT450 mobile network ,CDMA rev B.

Blah boring details :-)

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