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Internet & Networking Microsoft did two things today. First, it released an H.264 plugin for HTML5 video for Google's Chrome web browser which makes use of Media Foundation. The usefulness of this plugin is limited, however, since it's only for Windows 7 users. Much more interesting is that Microsoft has opened the door to out-of-the-box WebM/VP8 support in Internet Explorer 9.
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RE[4]: Happy as Enduser
by brichpmr on Thu 3rd Feb 2011 11:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Happy as Enduser "
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"[q]The only culprit remaining is Apple.

Safari plays all its HTML5 media using QuickTime. Install a QuickTime component that supports WebM playback and Safari will play WebM video. Such a component has been available since August.

There is no real qualitative difference between how one can playback WebM in Safari or IE9.

Apple is a culprit because of iOS, not because of OSX. [/q]

As I view high quality H.264 videos on my iPhone 4, the thought that Apple is 'a culprit' re iOS never crosses my mind.....only the satisfaction of a well-engineered solution that doesn't kill battery life.

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