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Apple "Apple is further tightening its control of the App Store. Some application developers, including Sony, say Apple has told them they can no longer sell e-books within their apps unless the transactions go through Appleā€™s system. Apple rejected Sony's iPhone application, which would have let people buy and read e-books from the Sony Reader Store."
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Its not an adequate reply to say, if you don't like an industry leader's products, do not buy them. The problem with Apple is that its an industry leader and its example is influential. So when Apple does censorship and lockins, it has far more impact than if my local computer shop tries it. Apple is showing the way - it has an effect on the industry as a whole.

The reason why it is right and proper for people who have no intention of buying anything made by Apple to object to the Apple business model and conduct is exactly this. They are objecting to a model, which if it is widely adopted by imitators, will be the enemy of intellectual freedom and access to information.

It was the same thing with MS. It was not a reply to say, you don't like the lockins, don't buy the products. MS was a player at a society level, and so is Apple. I will never buy another Apple product. I still think their business model and example is damaging. I still think I have a stake in how they behave. I did not when they were tiny and peripheral, but I certainly do now.

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