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General Development Go is a highly hyped (last year) new programming language by Google. Thanks to ongoing community effort, its Win32 compatibility constantly improves. This week's rolling release should be considered a major milestone. In the somewhat dry words: "implementation of callback functions for Windows" and "cgo: windows/386 port", it introduces two major breakthroughs for this platform: WinAPI GUI support, and the ability to easily wrap and link external (non-Go) libraries. Note that there's an unofficial compiled build for Win32 available for download.
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RE: WinAPI on go?
by stestagg on Thu 3rd Feb 2011 22:53 UTC in reply to "WinAPI on go?"
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GTK's a useful toolkit but, while system integration has improved loads recently, gtk-based apps still feels non-native on windows.

Win32 is still the best way to write native-feeling windows apps

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