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Multimedia, AV Piracy hurts the content industry. This has been the common line of thought in the piracy and copyright debate for years now, and even though study after study highlight that this is simply not the case - or at least, not as clear-cut a case - the content industry and its avid fans continue to spread this party line. Well, yet another study, this time from the Japanese government, has concluded that piracy actually increases anime DVD sales.
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by re_re on Sat 5th Feb 2011 16:06 UTC
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When one looks at the hundreds upon hundreds (or thousands) of movies/tv shows many people download you have to be realistic........ most people could not afford to buy all those dvd's/blu-rays even if they wanted to. So for the content industry to freak about losing out on content sales that they would never get anyway is ridiculous.

I know using myself as an example, I only download content that I would never think of purchasing anyway. If I can't download that content, I simply go without... It's simply not that important to me.

On the other hand, for anything that I really have a desire for or need to have, I will simply go out and buy the blu-ray or dvd if no blu-ray is available. If it's valuable to me, I will purchase it.

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