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Multimedia, AV Piracy hurts the content industry. This has been the common line of thought in the piracy and copyright debate for years now, and even though study after study highlight that this is simply not the case - or at least, not as clear-cut a case - the content industry and its avid fans continue to spread this party line. Well, yet another study, this time from the Japanese government, has concluded that piracy actually increases anime DVD sales.
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And what does "Linux Mint is the #2 distro on distrowatch" mean?

It's a high traffic website relative to other open source projects. They also post their traffic stats if you would like more data.

Then statements like "Linux Mint is the #2 distro on distrowatch and doesn't get enough to donations to fund two developers." don't make sense, since being in the #2 of that list doesn't guarantee that it's a success, just means that its link is clicked more than other distributions in a particular website (because it's a new distribution or whatever).

A new distribution like "PCLinuxOS" was the most looked page in that web site, because it was a new distribution or because another reason. Being in the #1 on that site doesn't mean it's the most important distribution.

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