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Multimedia, AV Piracy hurts the content industry. This has been the common line of thought in the piracy and copyright debate for years now, and even though study after study highlight that this is simply not the case - or at least, not as clear-cut a case - the content industry and its avid fans continue to spread this party line. Well, yet another study, this time from the Japanese government, has concluded that piracy actually increases anime DVD sales.
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Oh stop with this complete bullshit that piracy is legal. The Netherlands and all other European countries are signatories of the Berne convention therefore copyright laws apply. More so the Netherlands is a member of the EU so the EU copyright directive will apply although maybe you haven't implemented it quite just yet).

If there is a piece of legislation in your country that overrides international treaty then please identify it along with the section that states you are allowed to breach copyright law. There may be exemptions that state you are allowed to copy material you own for your own use but there will not be anything that states you can take anything you like legally.

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