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Internet & Networking "Since the last year with all the hype around HTML5 and the buzz about 'how HTML5 is going to save the web' and that 'Flash is dead', etc., a lot of people started to believe that HTML5 is ready for production and that it is more stable and has a better performance than Flash... Since the beginning I've been saying to everyone that it isn't true and it won't be for a long time."
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What is a bug?
by FishB8 on Sun 6th Feb 2011 21:14 UTC
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Among all the comments here, there is one big difference here between HTML5 and former standards that seems to be missed: With HTML5, you know what a bug is. Before, the spec was not explicit enough, so what was a bug and what wasn't was often a matter of speculation. One person's "bug" was another person's "feature".

At least with HTML5 we can identify a bug.

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