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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Is it really going to happen? Will we see one of the more momentous announcements in the tech world next week? The web's been abuzz about Nokia possibly adopting Windows Phone 7 for a number of handsets, and now even The New York Times has chimed in - at which point it might be time to start taking the rumours seriously.
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Wtf is this based on? I keep hearing this, yet there have been ZERO official figures.

The figures are out for Q4. WP7 debuted at 2 percent marketshare. If you look at the insane growing rate of both Android and iOS you realise that WP7 is mostly cannibalising WM6. Smartphones may be "Fisher Price toys" but apparently that's what customers want. :/

Just look at their server business or the Xbox. So, even if WP7 is in fact doing poorly, you only have to look at the company's past to realise that's not uncommon for a new Microsoft product.

Problem is, I'm not sure how much of their recovery is due to underhand arrangements and how much to honest to God public interest. For all their sucessful lines of products they had just as many lines that bombed with a lot of negative publicity. Some of their succesful lines are only starting to break even now after many many years (ie. Xbox).

I think WP7 is an honest effort of making an actually good product... but it's being held back by a lot of legacy. I wish it went out there and did very well because both Android and iOS need competition to keep them in check. We'll see.

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