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Multimedia, AV Piracy hurts the content industry. This has been the common line of thought in the piracy and copyright debate for years now, and even though study after study highlight that this is simply not the case - or at least, not as clear-cut a case - the content industry and its avid fans continue to spread this party line. Well, yet another study, this time from the Japanese government, has concluded that piracy actually increases anime DVD sales.
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Commodore killed the Amiga all on their own. Don't go dragging "piracy" into it.

I'm gonna venture a guess here (since this is also my view) and say Thom's problem with copyright law is that it no longer promotes the arts and sciences, but instead is a tool for "big content" to suck as much money out of the market as possible. I don't mind people making money, in fact i am trying to myself. However, copyright lasting, what is it now, 100 years?, is f. ridiculous. The person who was suppose to be compensated for his work long ago turned to dust!

The problem is that copyright law is no longer to benefit of society, but "big content."


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