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OSNews, Generic OSes We have a new operating system! Well, no - we have a new operating environment, since it's technically not an operating system. Pyxis 2 is an operating environment written in C# on the .NET Micro Framework. The goal of the project is to make it easier for developers to develop robust NETMF applications, while providing users with a common environment to launch applications in. It is open source (Apache 2.0).
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GEOS? is that You?
by slashdev on Tue 8th Feb 2011 17:05 UTC
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Seeing that video gave me flashbacks of the DOS version of AOL running in GEOS (i think it was GEOS).

Seems these microdevices (cellphones, SoC, and the like) are where the interesting stuff is happening. I am currently mucking around with a netduino, and a technorobot set i bought off of amazon. The micro framework is an amazing contribution to the opensource ether. Its around 300k or so, yet supports multi threading and a host of other things.

Anyone know if the microframework could be extended support any other .net languages? (ruby,, python etc?)

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