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OSNews, Generic OSes We have a new operating system! Well, no - we have a new operating environment, since it's technically not an operating system. Pyxis 2 is an operating environment written in C# on the .NET Micro Framework. The goal of the project is to make it easier for developers to develop robust NETMF applications, while providing users with a common environment to launch applications in. It is open source (Apache 2.0).
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RE: Question about .net mf
by slashdev on Tue 8th Feb 2011 18:39 UTC in reply to "Question about .net mf"
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Are there any advantages to develop using the .NET MF instead of using Mono?

From what i understand, The microframework is an alternative to things like BusyBox or Micro C, etc (maybe even QNX). If you are developing for an OS (like Android, Windows Mobile 6, iOS, Windows, MacOS, PocketPC, etc) you want to look at Mono or the Compact Framework for development.

Its an interesting paradigm shift. I can see the advantage when developing for and/or designing a embedded device (microdevice). The microframework does not need an OS, it has low overhead (300k), communicates directly with hardware, supports C# syntax, and comes with a standard library. A big negative is hardware support (though projects like netduino show that its only a matter of time). The microframework is an interesting push into the RTOS space for microsoft.

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