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Apple "A new report suggests that Apple may be planning to eliminate retail boxed software from its Apple Stores, instead focusing on promoting the Mac App Store for software sales. This is indeed a trend that Apple has been pushing for a while, but not all the software that Apple sells would necessarily be a great fit for pure digital distribution."
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RE[5]: Expected move
by rhavyn on Tue 8th Feb 2011 23:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Expected move"
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"Software on all operating systems is increasingly only going to be available through "Application Stores" specific for that operating system, specifically because it's more convenient for the customers.

LOL, other operating if consumers are choosing between 10 of them.

Off the top of my head ...

1. Windows Phone
2. Android
3. Symbian
4. Blackberry
5. Ubuntu, IIRC, is working on something and every other Linux distro has their default package list
6. iOS
7. OS X
8. Windows 8 (likely)

Not 10, but close.

Apple keeps setting bad precedents and is providing rationalizations for MS to follow in their path.

How is an application store a bad precedent?

Apple is a control-freak company and it goes well beyond convenience. They could make software purchases easier and safer without taking a cut and filtering the submissions.

Would you care to point out any store (not just app store, literally any store online or one that you can walk into in person) that doesn't filter it's product selection and take a cut of the sale.

If Apple controlled every computer you wouldn't be able to download hustler since Jobs has some weird hatred of adult magazines. God knows what else he would ban if he could. He probably would anoint himself culture czar and filter whatever comes through the internet. He also hates video games even though they make up the bulk of app store purchases.

So you think Apple is about to have 100% marketshare of all computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.?

Apple's control shenanigans were just kind of silly when they had a tiny market share but now they are leading the charge towards a total control model where all software only exists by the permission of the OS company and the user merely pays for temporary access.

Users have been paying for temporary access to their software for decades. And, last I checked, there are even (unsupported and for jail broken phones only) alternative app stores for iOS devices. What evidence exists anywhere that the current situation would change?

Additionally, I don't understand the focus on Apple. Literally every operating system is going to have an application store by default. Most of them already do (in my list only Windows doesn't today). Do you think Apple or Steve Jobs is going to dictate what's available on the Windows Phone app store? How about the new Amazon Android app store?

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