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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Speaking of Nokia - Engadget got their hands on what is supposedly an internal memo sent to Nokia employees by the company's new CEO. It's... Brutal. As in, brutally honest. There's no sugar-coating here, no unicorns, no glitter. "Nokia, our platform is burning." Update: Android is probably out of the question. Will it be Windows Phone 7, after all? Damn; Palm tonight, Nokia Friday - what a week for mobile! Update: The "Communities Dominate Brands" blog published an in-depth analysis of the memo, which claims with sound arguments that it might well be a hoax.
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RE: It's obvious
by Praxis on Wed 9th Feb 2011 06:21 UTC in reply to "It's obvious"
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They have been outspent by Apple, Google and Microsoft.

No other choice. They cannot outspend Google, Apple or MS. Game over on software.

Actually they can, and are

They spend more than any tech company except for Microsoft, and thats total so Nokia probably spends more than Microsoft on phones if you break it down.

Though their inability to come up with a shipping modern phone OS in reasonable time period while spending so much money, does not speak well about management. Sure they had to build a new os, but so did Microsoft. They both realized their current offerings needed a revamp at the same time (or they should have).

However, they have the money and they have talented developers, that they can't do anything with them is a management problem, usually too much management. If they can fix that they might have a chance.

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