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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Speaking of Nokia - Engadget got their hands on what is supposedly an internal memo sent to Nokia employees by the company's new CEO. It's... Brutal. As in, brutally honest. There's no sugar-coating here, no unicorns, no glitter. "Nokia, our platform is burning." Update: Android is probably out of the question. Will it be Windows Phone 7, after all? Damn; Palm tonight, Nokia Friday - what a week for mobile! Update: The "Communities Dominate Brands" blog published an in-depth analysis of the memo, which claims with sound arguments that it might well be a hoax.
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it shows how lame these people are: they pay no attention to their competition, they pay no attention to online discussions (hey, even spending one hour in a forum would reveal many market trends), they only pay attention to their own hype, fueled by themselves.

I would show some respect. Without Nokia, the iPhone would not exist. Remember that Nokia developed most of the tech underlying mobile phones, the entire infrastructure, and so on. It was mostly Nokia that got mobile phones to every corner of the globe - rich or poor.

That is a FAR greater achievement than just making a decent smartphone (which already stood on the shoulders of giants).

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