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Linux "The MeeGo project has updated its roadmap. The project will now release Meego 1.2 in April 2011 and plans to release MeeGo 1.3 in October, moving to a biannual release schedule. The six-monthly release schedule has been a target for the MeeGo developers as they establish their open development and release process."
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RE: Friday
by JRepin on Wed 9th Feb 2011 18:20 UTC in reply to "Friday"
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What makes you think so? Oh you think MeeGo is only there to serve Nokia and if Nokia might stop using it then it has no future. Well, I think you will have to look a bit further from the hype and rumors and actually see the technology behind it. only then you will be able to see MeeGo as a truly great Free and open platform that it is and that there is no reason at all for people to stop working on it. Quite the opposite.

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