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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Here's some very interesting analysis of why dropping Symbian or MeeGo for Android or Windows Phone 7 would be the closest thing to brand suicide which Nokia could do now.
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stopped reading it
by orsg on Wed 9th Feb 2011 19:23 UTC
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I actually stopped reading after he compared Nokia to Ford with the argument "Ford cannot afford to focus on sports cars, too"
what a ridiculus argument, did he ever have a look at the history of cars? For the last 40 years or so, a car can be defined as "a thing with 4 wheels, 3 pedals, and a steering wheel, where you can fill in some liquid and it runs about 100km/h". of course cars got a lot safer, more comfortable, more environment-friendly and probably got a little faster over time.
Now compare that to phones, due to technological advances, phones changed more over the last half decade than cars did over the last half century. Just 5 years ago, a mobile phone was a thing with a small display and a T9 keyboard, which could do calls, SMS and some MMS and stuff, which nobody really used anyway. Now large touchscreen devices with finger optimized UI and 1GHz CPUs sell like crazy.
To the order of magnitude, that cars got faster over the last 40 years, phones get faster hardware every single year, so how can he proclaim something like "it is not feasable for everyone to have a highend device"? I'm not talking of something like 2020, I actually think, there is no reason one would buy a not-so-smart phone 3 years from now except some very small nices (rugged phones, senior optimized phones, ...)

EDIT: or did he want to express, that nokia phones changed as little as Ford cars over the last decade? ;-)

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