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Internet & Networking Absolutely fantastic article over at Ars about a guy trying to hunt down Anonymous - which cost him and his company dearly. "Aaron Barr believed he had penetrated Anonymous. The loose hacker collective had been responsible for everything from anti-Scientology protests to pro-Wikileaks attacks on MasterCard and Visa, and the FBI was now after them. But matching their online identities to real-world names and locations proved daunting. Barr found a way to crack the code. [...] But had he?" A comment to the article says it best: "Personally, I'm rooting for Anonymous. I may not care for their attitude or their methods sometimes, but I think a little fear and caution on the worst excesses of those who would impair our rights is good thing." Governments and companies should fear the people - not the other way around.
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RE[4]: Governments
by AaronD on Thu 10th Feb 2011 16:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Governments "
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" I rather their actions be childish than physically harmful.

In this day and age, "Virtual" attacks are just as severe as causing physical damage.

Did anyone die? Did anyone loose a drop of blood? Did anyone even scrape a knee? Were any buildings burnt down?

Let us keep "virtual" in perspective. Physical damage is several magnitudes worse than any kind of virtual damage as anyone in any of the world's hotspots can attest.

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