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Hardware, Embedded Systems And, of course, just as I decide to leave the live blogging to play a game of Left 4 Dead 2, HP drops the big bombshell right at the end of their press event: webOS is coming to PCs!
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2009, 2010, 2011 - years of (client) Linux
by JeffS on Thu 10th Feb 2011 18:13 UTC
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... Well, not the traditional desktop. But a very very very significant new market - smart phones and tablets - are becoming the client devices/computers that more and more people are spending their time on.

And guess what? It's all either iOS (unix/BSD based, on iTouch, iPhone, iPad), or Android (fully Linux based).

... and now WebOS (fully Linux based). I have no doubt that with HPs huge market reach and marketing muscle, these new WebOS based devices will be successful, particularly with the great early reviews. Plus, HP is saying it's going to feature PCs and Laptops with WebOS.

Nope, these are not traditional Desktop Linux Distros, which are essentially fragmented silos not appropriate for a consumer oriented eco-system.

I always figured that traditional Linux Desktop Distros would always be relegated to the geek/power user/developer/hobbyist niche, and that has more or less remained so. It was always too technical, and too fragmented, and too economically unfriendly to OEMs or Software companies to succeed in the mass consumer market.

I always figured that for Linux to succeed on the client/consumer side, it would have to be fully productized by a large corporation, with it becoming a platform.

Enter Google with Android. Enter HP with acquiring WebOS and putting out smart phones and tablets.

Linux is now succeeding on the client side. Full stop.
It's not in the form of desktop distros. It's in the form of products based on Android and WebOS.

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