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Apple "A new report suggests that Apple may be planning to eliminate retail boxed software from its Apple Stores, instead focusing on promoting the Mac App Store for software sales. This is indeed a trend that Apple has been pushing for a while, but not all the software that Apple sells would necessarily be a great fit for pure digital distribution."
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Boxed software..
by bert64 on Fri 11th Feb 2011 11:02 UTC
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The idea of selling boxed software in stores is a pretty dated one these days...

Even if you do buy software in a store, chances are it will be a dated version which requires all manner of bugfixes and security updates to be usable, which you will have to download anyway.

Not to mention the hassle of manually installing the software from physical media and quite often manually tracking down and installing the updates too.

The repository or app store model is a far superior one than dealing with the hassles of physical media or manual downloads... As a long time linux user i have benefitted from this model for years and it was quite laughable to see how far behind in usability the closed source systems are.
No surprise that Apple are the first, but you can bet MS will follow along soon enough too. Not sure what Oracle are planning to do with the package management system they inherited from OpenSolaris.

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