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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A lot of people are wondering why Nokia didn't choose to go with Android. How can Nokia differentiate themselves when Android is a lot more open and free than Windows Phone 7? As usual, the key to this is in the details. If you read the announcements carefully, you'll see that Microsoft offered Nokia something Google most likely didn't. Update: What a surprise. Elop just confirmed Nokia has a special deal with Microsoft. Whereas HTC, Samsung, and so on are not allowed to customise WP7 - Nokia is, further confirming my theory.
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Comment by PRaabjerg
by PRaabjerg on Fri 11th Feb 2011 11:58 UTC
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"MeeGo's development is incredibly slow, and would maybe lead to just 1 (one) (!) device this year."

I will readily admit that I do not care so much about Nokia as a company as I care about Meego as a platform.
But I'm not going to whine about Nokia's choice. I do hope though, that someone else will pick up Meego as their phone OS, and help its development in that direction. WP7 (Or iOS or Android) don't appeal much to me.

But I have to also wonder if suddenly switching to an entirely different platform is really going to improve anything for Nokia's development speed in the short run.
Will they really have one or more WP7 Phones out in 2011? And are they really going to be able to "differentiate" it that soon?
Can they transform their in-house expertise that quickly?

Color me slightly sceptic. But hey, let's just sit back and see how it pans out for them...

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