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Multimedia, AV Well, well, well. The MPEG-LA is showing its true colours. After a decade of threatening to patent troll the living heck out of Theora, the company led by a patent troll has now finally put its money where its mouth is. Well, sort of. They don't actually have any patents yet, they're asking people to submit patents they believe are essential to the VP8 specification. Update: MPEG (so not the MPEG-LA) has announced its intent to develop a new video compression standard for the web which will be royalty-free. "The new standard is intended to achieve substantially better compression performance than that offered by MPEG-2 and possibly comparable to that offered by the AVC Baseline Profile. MPEG will issue a call for proposals on video compression technology at the end of its upcoming meeting in March 2011 that is expected to lead to a standard falling under ISO/IEC 'Type-1 licensing', i.e. intended to be 'royalty free'."
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RE: M(umblety)Peg
by bryanv on Fri 11th Feb 2011 17:23 UTC in reply to "M(umblety)Peg"
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Eventually, the whole software patent system is going to come crumbling down. This might be the one to push it over the top.

yeah, and this is the year of the linux desktop.

I've been hearing how software patents are going to collapse upon themselves for nearly 10 years now.

I've been hearing the same about the global economy.

The problem with this line of thought is that it presupposes that those in power will somehow stop doing what they've done all along -- create a new way to prop the crap up. Which is all that they do.

No changes that benefit the normal person are made.

Changes are made to protect the invested, the racketeers, the snake-oil-salesmen.

Get over it. Until you become one of those who are in power to change things, or until the normal masses revolt, this won't change.

And let's be realistic about the chances of the masses rising against these 'social injustices'. Who is really going to put their entire family and countrymen at odds with their military over a software patent? Are you willing to risk subjecting yourself to chemical or nuclear war because you thought software patents, fiat currency, or using Linux in governments? Think that's going to far? Have you seen what happens in some countries when their command and power structure is destabilized? Rape and pillage has a very different connotation when it's your kids being raped in front of you while a gun is jabbed in the back of your neck.

My point is, governments don't get overthrown because of patent policy or software freedom. The most likely situation is monetary policy, civil rights suppression (which you could argue software patents are part of), and tyranny. Software patent policy won't get overturned until those in power changes radically -- because keeping software patents in existence is 'big business' and 'good for business' -- at least for those in power.

So get over it. The house of cards will not crumble upon itself. It will take a lot of work from some -very- persuasive (and wealthy) companies and people to make this change.

Just like "Linux on the Desktop".

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