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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A lot of people are wondering why Nokia didn't choose to go with Android. How can Nokia differentiate themselves when Android is a lot more open and free than Windows Phone 7? As usual, the key to this is in the details. If you read the announcements carefully, you'll see that Microsoft offered Nokia something Google most likely didn't. Update: What a surprise. Elop just confirmed Nokia has a special deal with Microsoft. Whereas HTC, Samsung, and so on are not allowed to customise WP7 - Nokia is, further confirming my theory.
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by Simon on Sat 12th Feb 2011 16:39 UTC
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"Nokia cannot differentiate on Android"?

Android is distributed with the Apache license, which means that Nokia could take it, adapt it and never give back to the community. They can steal it and it will be legal. Only the Linux kernel comes with the GPL, so they need to abide to the GPL for the kernel only.

In addition, Nokia has Linux/open-source expertise, due to Meego and somewhat with Symbian. However, with WP7, they need to hire the FULL developer team!

You mention about 'Nokia needs Google' and 'Google does not need Nokia' as if it was some slumber party or something. What kind of shallow analysis is this?
Google needs all the manufacturers they can get, and Nokia needs an open platform.

This Elop guy from Microsoft is gutting out Nokia. RIP Nokia, 2011. ;-'(

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