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Internet & Networking "Today's release of Adobe Flash Player is considered final by Adobe, according to the company's Flash Team Blog, and ushers in a new level of hardware-accelerated video decoding in most modern Intel Macs [...] The company has dropped all support for PowerPC-based players, including security updates, in a clear sign that the 10.1/10.2 releases are a "reference" release for Flash playback."
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Forced Flash Upgrades are Worthless
by benali72 on Mon 14th Feb 2011 03:34 UTC
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The problem I have with Flash is that it checks your release and won't play unless you're current.

Consumers shouldn't stand for these forced upgrades. And I believe they won't. The industry is poised to move away from Flash, in part, because of this manipulative attitude on the part of Adobe.

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