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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "According to the original release schedule, the final release of Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narhwal" on 28th April was to be preceded by a Release Candidate on 21st April. [However, said] Release Candidate has been scrapped and in its place, the Release Team has added a second beta on 14th April. The changes has been necessitated by the fact that 21st April is just before Easter and, so, many developers and testers would be unavailable during the time."
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With regard Fusion's point about *.04 release being near easter, the deadline for the *.04 release (i.e. the end of April) has never occurred this close to Easter before (i.e. in the life of Ubuntu) and won't do again until 2038.

No. I said on, around or during the <BOLD> beta, RC, or release </BOLD> date<U>s</u> of **.04 since Feisty Fawn... meaning that span of dates between March and April ('near easter') where these various development milestone ISOs are distributed. Previous betas/RCs have crossed tightly with Easter in the past.

In fact, they are not even delaying the final release date. I was simply making a (very *tongue-in-cheek*) point that proximity to Easter has never before been used to justify demoting and/or delaying any development milestone in the past... it's silly.

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