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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A lot of people are wondering why Nokia didn't choose to go with Android. How can Nokia differentiate themselves when Android is a lot more open and free than Windows Phone 7? As usual, the key to this is in the details. If you read the announcements carefully, you'll see that Microsoft offered Nokia something Google most likely didn't. Update: What a surprise. Elop just confirmed Nokia has a special deal with Microsoft. Whereas HTC, Samsung, and so on are not allowed to customise WP7 - Nokia is, further confirming my theory.
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I think this is a good thing.
by jamiepedder on Tue 15th Feb 2011 01:42 UTC
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Its pretty much a given that Symbian is on its way out. Its a shame, as its a fantastic OS but it really needed reworking from the ground up to catch up to the likes of Android, PalmOS and other various smartphone oses available today. As its now open source, that could still happen.

I think Nokia could flourish with this deal with Microsoft. The hardware side for Nokia is excellent, and providing they keep innovating with that and come up with some great designs, I'd be happy to go to a Nokia phone with a MS Mobile OS on it anytime.

I have a HTC Desire HD, and a HD7. Love both Android & WinMo7, and had no issues with either. (Well asides from battery life on both can be a bit abysmal). My last Nokia phone was an N97 and although I liked the hardware, the Symbian OS on it was not great. Same with the the N8 - I work for a tech and mobile support company so I've had a good play around with it. Again I love the hardware and the camera is excellent but the OS leaves the hardware high and dry. If it had Android on it or WinMo7 it would have been a different experience.

The N9 which is meant to be coming out with Meego (if it ever does) looks equally good and I really hope Meego is a success. I think it's a bad idea for Nokia to drop Meego, they should throw some engineers and R&D at it along with the Intel folks and get it off the ground properly. Have that on phones for people who like to tinker, and then have WinMo7 for people who want a phone that just 'works'. I'd include Android here somewhere but Nokia seem intent on avoiding it like the plague.

Anyway, providing that Microsoft and Nokia go about this the right way, and interact and share freely with each other, this could be a partnership that will bring some fantastic phones to us the consumers and turn their fortunes around in the mobile market.

Sidenote to Microsoft: Please get the WinMo7 updates out sooner rather than later! In fact, just send them me now and I'll test them for Seriously though, try and get them out this half of the year!

Good luck to both companies in this new venture, hope it all works out. We need three or more strong mobile oses competing and innovating to keep things interesting!

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