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Windows So, Mobile World Congress is going on over in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and there, Steve Ballmer held a little speech about Windows Phone 7's past, present, and future. Especially the future interests us, as a lot's been planned for this year: copy/paste, hardware-accelerated mobile Internet Explorer 9, and, yes, multitasking!
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RE[4]: Translation
by drahca on Tue 15th Feb 2011 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Translation"
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Um, why do you care? Just don't buy the Microsoft products. I don't get this "rooting for company X to die" nonsense.

Yeah, just don't buy Microsoft products, all those whiners! (disclaimer, this was all some time ago)

Mmm, the University I work at has changed their mail server to Exchange, now I cannot even read the emails I send to myself. Strange, let's call tech support.
Tech support: "So, why are you not using Outlook?"
Me: "Em, I have an SGI and a Linux box."

Ok, so I'll just use the web interface for Outlook in Firefox. Mmm, that doesn't look right, where did all the functionality go?
Tech Support: "Yeah, the 'advanced' web interface only works with Internet Explorer. Just use IE!"

I'll just use my own client.
Me: "I can't authenticate."
Tech support: "You have to use Kerberos."
Me: "I am using Kerberos"
Tech Support: "Are you using Microsoft Kerberos?"
Me: "Huh? Ehm, no ..."
Tech support: "Well, there is your problem."
Me: "Sigh"

Ah, I have mail. Let's see. Oh a Word document. Let's try to open this with OpenOffice. Mmm, that doesn't look right.
Tech support: "Sigh, just use Office10 ..."

Why doesn't our company page load in Firefox? Optimized for IE6? Uh oh ...

Tech support: "Ok, we have had it with you. We'll fix all your problems. Here! A brand new Windows box to accompany your antiquated tech on your desk."

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