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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Manu Sporny, founder and CEO of Digital Bazaar, has decided to use GitHub to store a project of a[n unusual] nature. Rather than a piece of software, he is listing his own genetic data as an open source project. He has released all his rights to the data and made around 1 million of his genetic markers public domain."
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RE: "Open source"???
by olefiver on Tue 15th Feb 2011 11:15 UTC in reply to ""Open source"???"
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Whether it's illegal to patent DNA or not, shouldn't anything to say in regard of license or open source.
It's not patent law, it's copyright law, and seeing as it's a persons own DNA sequence I would say that he has copyright on that data and therefore can release it through a license or just drop it as public domain (as he has, if I understand correctly).

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