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Windows So, Mobile World Congress is going on over in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and there, Steve Ballmer held a little speech about Windows Phone 7's past, present, and future. Especially the future interests us, as a lot's been planned for this year: copy/paste, hardware-accelerated mobile Internet Explorer 9, and, yes, multitasking!
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RE[6]: Translation
by drahca on Tue 15th Feb 2011 12:54 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Translation"
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Then your university is incompetent. All those tools you mention work just fine under Linux and Mac OS X - my university uses the same tools, and they properly support Linux, Mac OS X, and all browsers.

That might well be, I already said this was some time ago and many corporate IT departments are just as incompetent. They mostly have MS certified people working there. The point is that Microsoft has a very large footprint in the IT world, until a couple of years ago there was just no escaping this, it is becoming somewhat easier now.

It is nice that some tools such as Thunderbird have caught up with Exchange support, but this was not always the case and it is certainly not due to Microsoft. Also the damage they did to web standards caused many frustrations amongst web developers. Microsoft deliberately sabotaged Kerberos. It refuses to open up its own protocols and file formats preventing good OpenOffice support. They prevented Beos to be installed at OEMs. I can go on...

The parent asked why he cared. I think the history of Microsoft's behavior can well be seen as a justification to care about such things. It is nice to see that Microsoft is learning some humility and is trying to compete with better products instead of market domination for a change.

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