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Linux I'm uncertain what Linux distro they were using before but today's release of version is free to use on Intel Atom based systems. It would be nice if they distributed an image that doesn't require Windows to install but their target market appears to be Windows devices that include Slashtop OS as an alternate boot option in order to get online faster.
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Still don't get it
by darknexus on Tue 15th Feb 2011 21:04 UTC
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With the ability to suspend and resume, plus the fact that most modern oses boot pretty fast (I mean seriously, what's 15 seconds) I still don't see the point of Splashtop. I no sooner fire up Splashtop then try to browse a web page and find out that it won't render properly, or that I can't view that video, or that I need to edit a document... at which point, I just have to fire up my main os anyway. Device manufacturers need to get smart about this. If they want faster boot times, that's great. Achieving them with a slimmed down os that becomes useless with the slightest push is not the way to do it, however.

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