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Linux I'm uncertain what Linux distro they were using before but today's release of version is free to use on Intel Atom based systems. It would be nice if they distributed an image that doesn't require Windows to install but their target market appears to be Windows devices that include Slashtop OS as an alternate boot option in order to get online faster.
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RE: Still don't get it
by dsmogor on Wed 16th Feb 2011 00:03 UTC in reply to "Still don't get it"
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Your optimized properly handled PC may boot in 15 sec, but average, fragmented antivirus ridden windows machine rarely will. Add a cost of logging in, starting all "indispensable" services , and then firefox to that and you have a different story.

As for suspend, you usually catch yourself needing that quick access to WEB when the computer have been shut down or ran out of a battery yesterday.

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