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General Development Enlightenment version 16 was one of most configurable window managers back in late nineties (and still is). For the next version however Rasterman and friends decided to create a complete desktop shell instead of just a simple window manager. Enlighenment version 17 is therefore based on a set of graphical libraries which can used for other applications as well. But do we need another set of libraries when QT and GTK+ are already mature and stable? Depending on your needs, you might find that using the Enlightenment libraries is truly an enlightening experience!
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E17 anything but "speedy"
by phoenix on Wed 16th Feb 2011 01:02 UTC
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Well if you are developing native applications for your 8-core machine with infinite memory then EFL might not seem something important to you. If however you are into embedded devices (think 8-16 MBs of RAM and simple processors) then EFL might be the best thing since sliced bread. It all comes down to speed. EFL are truly optimized for speed!

Define "speed".

We've tried running E17 (via Arch Linux I believe) on our diskless machines (about a month ago), and while things are smooth, it's not speedy. And it comes at a *very* heavy price, using up most of the 1 GB of RAM and 90% CPU with just the desktop loaded with an animated wallpaper.

Disabling the animated wallpaper drops CPU usage a bit, but it's still over 80% when moving windows around or switching windows.

It sure looks pretty, though, with smooth animations and no tearing or anything like that. But it's definitely not "speedy", nor efficient.

This is on a 2.0 GHz AMD Sempron CPU with nVidia 6100 graphics onboard, and the binary nvidia driver.

GNOME 2.x, KDE 3.x, and even KDE 4.x are more efficient (10-20% CPU, 100-200 MB RAM) and nicer to use, on the same hardware. (One of the nice things about diskless clients is that switching OSes is a simple reboot away.)

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